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The Seattle Tower Operators Page

(Job is actually Yard Master “plus”)

The “Tower” is in charge of all activities within Seattle plus staging at the western end of the railroad. The “Seattle Switcher” works for him in the class yard to provide the cuts of cars (or consists) for through and originating trains.

As “Tower”, you drive all trains within yard limits. The through trains come from (or go into) staging in the adjacient crew lounge. For trains originating in Seattle, the “Tower” will hostle locomotives from the roundhouse, pick up the consist, and move the trains to the ready track.

This is a sit down job which you do without ever leaving your seat. A hidden TV monitor shows the 3-staging tracks in the crew lounge and mirrors show parts of the layout around corners (all so you can stay seated).

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Easy Tower Instructions

Control Panel for SEATTLE TOWER

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